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    Tournament Draw: Not Available
    RankTeamWinsLossesPointsSets LostGames LostTournament StatusEligible
    1Aguilar / Mastrangelo304.000123UnknownNo
    2Nguyen / Nguyen203.000010UnknownNo
    2Tappita / Swaminathan203.000013UnknownNo
    4Brent / Kessinger102.00004UnknownNo
    4Francis / Maier102.00005UnknownNo
    6Barnacascel / Dunlavy111.500219UnknownNo
    6Handoko / Hill111.500326UnknownNo
    8Badorf / Rupert000.00000UnknownNo
    8Bourne / Kuritsubo000.00000UnknownNo
    8Gangarapu / Olson000.00000UnknownNo
    8Graumlich / Sonnikson000.00000UnknownNo
    8Leibowitz / Malinovsky000.00000UnknownNo
    8Leiggi / Kadourhe000.00000YesNo
    8Serame / Kim000.00000YesNo
    8Stevens / Singelstad000.00000UnknownNo
    8Xu / Baldocchi000.00000UnknownNo
    8Allen / Mcnichol010.000212UnknownNo
    8Qureshi / Johnson010.000212YesNo
    8Wu / Hopkins010.000216YesNo
    8Perrin / Bazulin020.000424UnknownNo
    8Coltharp  / Jung020.000425UnknownNo
    8Roig / Gee020.000425UnknownNo
    * - Players higlighted in Yellow indicate players that have verified they will play in the tournament but have not yet played the minimum matches required.