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  • WCRC Leagues Standings

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    Tournament Draw:
    RankTeamWinsLossesPointsSets LostGames LostTournament StatusEligible
    1Barnacascel / Dunlavy526.264769YesYes
    2Xu / Baldocchi506.200340YesYes
    3Nguyen / Nguyen405.100025NoYes
    3Aguilar / Mastrangelo405.100128YesYes
    5Brent / Kessinger304.050017YesYes
    5Serame / Kim304.050125YesYes
    7Tappita / Swaminathan212.717227YesYes
    8Allen / Mcnichol222.600542YesYes
    9Gangarapu / Olson111.500222YesYes
    9Bourne / Kuritsubo111.500327YesYes
    9Leiggi / Kadourhe111.500331YesYes
    12Graumlich / Sonnikson121.383434YesYes
    12Francis / Maier121.383435UnknownYes
    12Coltharp  / Jung121.383533YesYes
    12Wu / Hopkins121.383541YesYes
    12O'neal / Wassmuth121.383545YesYes
    17Handoko / Hill131.350757UnknownYes
    18Leibowitz / Malinovsky040.100856YesYes
    19Roig / Gee030.050637UnknownYes
    19Qureshi / Johnson030.050640YesYes
    21Stevens / Singelstad000.00000UnknownNo
    21Semilla / Labrador010.000213NoNo
    21Badorf / Rupert010.000215UnknownNo
    21Perrin / Bazulin020.000424YesYes
    21Alexander / Deak020.000428YesYes
    * - Players higlighted in Yellow indicate players that have verified they will play in the tournament but have not yet played the minimum matches required.