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  • WCRC Leagues Standings

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    Tournament Draw:
    RankTeamWinsLossesPointsSets LostGames LostTournament StatusEligible
    1Hirshberg / Zalewski405.100241YesYes
    2Rognon / Blackman343.979871YesYes
    3Gove / Mckay313.850230YesYes
    3Himenez / Wilson313.850234YesYes
    3Sanders / Cummins313.850336NoYes
    6Bazulina / Thomas323.800446YesYes
    7Miller / Kim203.00004UnknownYes
    7Franco / Regal203.00009YesYes
    7Ivankovich / Corr203.000014YesYes
    10Aneja / Roh212.717224YesYes
    11Dublin / Parti222.600549NoYes
    12ONeil / Fong102.00009UnknownNo
    13Kiefer / Reiss111.500220NoYes
    14Law / Palitz141.400861YesYes
    15Leong / Sovik121.383430NoYes
    16Italia / Rubcich040.100849NoYes
    17Chou / Lai030.050637UnknownYes
    18Belton / Snyder010.000212UnknownNo
    18Hill / Preston020.000425UnknownYes
    18Nguyen / Pearson020.000425YesYes
    18Spanos / Maloney020.000425YesYes
    * - Players higlighted in Yellow indicate players that have verified they will play in the tournament but have not yet played the minimum matches required.