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  • WCRC Leagues Standings

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    Tournament Draw:
    RankTeamWinsLossesPointsSets LostGames LostTournament StatusEligible
    1Semilla / Barco415.000352YesYes
    2Lucas / Aneja343.979983YesYes
    3Garrahan / Mai313.850227YesYes
    4Tom / Owens203.000014NoYes
    5Steele / Steele222.600658UnknownYes
    5Wu / Bachman232.600760YesYes
    7Carbajal / Galang102.00004UnknownNo
    7Test / Player102.00004UnknownNo
    7Miller / Snyder102.00007UnknownNo
    7Hedges / Brodhead102.000113YesNo
    11Castillo / Castillo111.500217UnknownYes
    11Hendrickson / Hendrickson111.500221UnknownYes
    13Wilson / Cosso131.350655NoYes
    14Barnacascel / Barnacascel000.00000UnknownNo
    14Gamarra / Leivent000.00000UnknownNo
    14Leong / Lum000.00000UnknownNo
    14Pintado / Gross010.000212UnknownNo
    14Sanzeri / Bain010.000212UnknownNo
    14Gangarapu / Sianghio010.000213UnknownNo
    14Loebl / Reiss020.000424UnknownYes
    14Rieschick / Rieschick020.000424UnknownYes
    * - Players higlighted in Yellow indicate players that have verified they will play in the tournament but have not yet played the minimum matches required.